Project designation:

EMIL - European Modular Programme for Intercultural Learning, training and advanced training

Project outline:

The idea at the heart of the EMIL project is to develop and make accessible a pan-European modular training programme in intercultural learning, that addresses both initial and further teacher training for Primary School teachers. The project thus fills a gap, since intercultural training is not a requirement in any of the partner countries. The project partners are Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Great Britain and Turkey, and the project takes into account the varying academic traditions, educational systems and social problems of these countries (including issues to do with minorities, immigration, the process of European Integration and Enlargement and so on).

Target group:

The project is aimed at the initial and further training of teachers and lecturers, with particular emphasis on Primary level education.

The key goals of the project are,

- to anchor intercultural competence as a key, long-term skill in the training of Primary school teachers (if necessary also in the curriculum);

- to sensitise practising and future Primary school teachers to dealing with other cultures and cultural contexts;

- to sensitise practising and future Primary school teachers in dealing with minorities and in so doing to contribute towards greater democracy and tolerance in education;

- to afford a European dimension to initial and further teacher training and thus contribute to the development of a European teacher profile;

- to lay the cornerstone for a European network – based on the work done by the partners;

- to contribute towards Turkey’s advancement in Europe, in terms of both the project content and Turkey’s active and equal co-operation in the project.

The project covers three phases (see schedule):

I) the common development of a European modular program to anchor intercultural competence in initial and further teacher training at Primary level; (at the theoretical level)

II) two test runs with participants from the partner states, and following evaluation by all members, a test run with a teaching candidate from each partner state in Munich, Germany (promotion of this participation via the COMENIUS 2.2.a-Aktionsprogramme). This is to be followed by evaluation and will complete the European modular programme at the practical level;

III) the publication of the project results in the form of a manual for intercultural training for initial and further teacher training, as well a handout for use in Primary school teaching. This document will be translated into the respective national languages of the partner states.

This project is being supported for a two-year period (01.11.2004 – 30.09.2006).
The training programme will then become accessible Europe-wide when it is added to the COMENIUS data bank of courses.

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